Attar Bazaar was established in 1981 in Santa Fe, New Mexico after my husband and I were introduced to oil-based, non-alcoholic attar perfumes while living in the Near East and India for extended periods.

We originated and developed the market for these Eastern Attars from our shop on San Francisco Street in Santa Fe, New Mexico where thousands of customers first encountered what are now famous names in the world of fragrances---Egyptian Musk, Arabian Wild Rose, Tunisian Amber, Tunisian Frankincense---and some 400 other scents from the world over.

Our customers include many of the best and most discriminating health food stores and chains in America and Canada, as well as medical doctors, massage therapists, psychologists, dentists, naturopaths, spiritual centers, spas, and even some movie stars!

For more than 30 years, millions of satisfied customers have marveled when they first experienced Attar Bazaar oils! Actually, Attar Bazaar oils are one of the greatest kept secrets in the world of beauty. Here's the reason why:

When you apply just one or two drops of an Attar Bazaar oil, it will mix with your body's own natural oils to produce a unique fragrance that is truly you.

When you go and look at all the different oils that we offer you'll find that they help you do a lot of things:
  • To become calm, soothed, and relaxed.
  • Keep your scent within your "zone of intimacy", no one will smell you from across the room.
  • To feel more beautiful than ever because many people will compliment you.
  • You'll discover that you can recall very pleasant memories.
  • You'll be able to change your mood whenever you like, and keep a happy attitude throughout the day.
Many of our customers have told us they were at a party or at work, and someone came up to them and asked, "What are you wearing?" In fact, so many customers have reported getting so many compliments so often, that we can actually give you this assurance: Wear Attar Bazaar Fragrance Oils and you'll get compliments, guaranteed!

There's never a risk when you buy from Attar Bazaar. You must be completely satisfied or we'll refund your money, no questions asked.

Attar Bazaar's high quality fragrance products have satisfied millions of the most discriminating buyers since 1982. Our products are sold primarily for enjoying their pleasant fragrance as a scent, and not for medical or pharmacological application. If you are looking for certified 100% natural and organic products, our present line does not make such a claim.

We now have a group of organics and a group of 100% natural fragrances, our new line under the tab "All Natural and Organic", which are Essential Oils, Pure Absolutes and blends from natural absolutes in an all-natural base oil.

All Attar Bazaar perfumes are safe for application to the skin. If an irritation develops, the person should try switching to another scent. If it persists, discontinue using the oils.

For External Use Only

It cannot be stressed enough, that our perfume oils are for external use only. If you desire to use essential oils internally or for medicinal applications, do so only after consultation with a health care professional who has specialized expertise in using oils.

We Do Not Test on Animals

We buy from companies that have pledged they do not test on animals. Most companies avoid animal testing by referring to the U.S. "Generally Regarded As Safe" (GRAS), a list of thousands of ingredients already known to be safe. They also rely on data regarding historic use and chemical structure of a product or ingredient.

These perfume oils (attars) are not 100% natural. They are made with some natural ingredients, but do have preservatives and fixatives in the formulas. However, they are alcohol-free, with no phthalates.

Some of our oils are essential oils and they are 100% natural: Mysore Sandal, India Patchouli, Sumatra Vetivert, Ylang Ylang, French Lavender. The others are perfume oils and all perfume oils have some preservatives and fixatives in them. We will soon set up an area for essential oils only so they will be easier to find.

Our parent---Chishti Group, Inc.---is affiliated with The Chishti Order of America, founded in 1974, a branch of the Chishti Order of Sufis in Ajmer, India. The headquarters of the Chishti Sufis is the most frequented religious shrine in India, with some 60,000 visitors per day for over 800 years. We have always believed that correction of all the problems of the world begins with our own individual actions. So we pledge to ourselves and our customers that we are going to always strive to adhere to the highest standards of quality, service and ethics in our business.

If you need any assistance with your order, our Customer Service representatives will be happy to help you. Call or you may e-mail us with your note or any suggestions that you might have. We love hearing from you! We want to know what's on your mind!

Thank you for visiting Attar Bazaar, the most trusted source for fragrance oils for 25 years.

Yours sincerely,

Iman Chishti
President, Attar Bazaar

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