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Amber Oud Wood

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Amber Oud Wood by Attar Bazaar is a composedly captivating and tranquil scent of smoky woods and exotic spices. It has the top notes of precious, rare agarwood oud as well as a somewhat peppery cedarwood. The middle notes fill out the scent with an exceptionally smoky rosewood, honeyed cardamom, and creamy vanilla. Bringing out the bottom notes are a crisp green vetiver, a velvety sandalwood, and spicy amber. 

This elegantly refined fragrance oil is housed in a beautiful glass attar bottle with dip stick that reflects the preciousness within. 

Contains Essential Oils

  • Fragrance Oils are for external use only.
  • Dab small amount (a drop or two) of Fragrance Oil onto your wrist, back of knees, behind your ears, any spot on your body you would normally wear a perfume!
  • Can be used in a spray mist by adding one-dram of oil to about 6 ounces of distilled water. Pour into a spray bottle and mist onto your skin or spritz into the air as an air-freshener.
  • Pour a small amount into the melted pool of wax of a burning candle. (Carefully, do not get hot wax on your skin).
  • Use in a lightbulb ring.



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