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Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil

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Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil from Attar Bazaar is exceptionally rich and embracing. It is fresh and earthy with sweet and woody notes which are clean and fresh with an alluring, intoxicating uplift. Attar Bazaar Egyptian Musk oil offers olfactory notes which are grounding, pure, and deeply sensual and long-lasting.

This fragrance has a unique and exotic character. There's something a bit indescribable about this scent which gives it its mystique. It becomes a personal scent for each wearer with each having his or her own unique experience!  Egyptian Musk fragrance oil notes are very complex, rich, and loved by fragrance oil enthusiasts around the globe.

In ancient times, the Egyptian Musk ingredient was originally harvested from a gland in the abdomen of the male musk deer. Thankfully, this practice is now prohibited and today perfumers recreate the scent by possibly mixing Vanilla, Cedarwood, Myrrh, Frankincense, and other earthy essential oils together to create an intoxicating yet simple easy-to-wear everyday aroma!

The exact origin and age of Egyptian Musk perfume oil is not clear, but musk has been traditionally used in perfume-making for centuries in various cultures. But the modern formulation of Egyptian Musk perfume oil and its popularity in Western culture emerged in the late 1960s and 1970s during a time of interest in Eastern cultures. It has since become a widely recognized and popular scent in the perfume industry.

Egyptian Musk body oil was originally created to be rubbed all over the entire body, thus its subtle scent! So, if you are looking for the scent to be very dominant, we would suggest using the oil more liberally in its application! 

Egyptian Musk is a fragrance that has a natural and earthy mood to it. As it is so basic, it pairs well with almost every other Attar Bazaar perfume oil we offer..

Attar Bazaar Egyptian Musk mixes well with one's own natural body oil. It is an absolutely fabulous experience to layer other oils together with this musk. We have used it with each of our florals to soften them and give them additional effects on the mood. We have also blended our Egyptian Musk with Tunisian Amber, or Tunisian Frankincense, or different myrrh oils and even Indian Champaca oil to create unique fragrances every time! 

When to wear....

Everyday Use: Egyptian musk can be worn as a personal fragrance for everyday use. Its warm and inviting scent can create a pleasant aura around the wearer and add a touch of sophistication to their overall presence.

Romantic or Intimate Settings: Egyptian musk is often associated with romance and intimacy. People may wear it on dates, anniversaries, or during intimate moments to enhance the atmosphere and create a sensual ambiance.

Meditation and Relaxation: Some individuals use Egyptian musk during meditation or relaxation practices. Its soothing and grounding scent can help create a calming environment, promote focus, and deepen the meditative experience.

As one of our best sellers, you can be sure you'll love our Egyptian Musk.

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Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil
Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil Sale price$9.95