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Power of Scent Package
Power of Scent Package

Save 66% on our best-selling kit of
Attar fragrances and discover...

Learn how to uplift your moods,
control emotions, and gain
confidence---almost instantly,
using The Power of Scent!
List Price: $114.95
Our Price: $49.95
You save $65.00!

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Product Code: PSPY

Our unique and best-selling "Power Of Scent" package has given thousands of customers the secret insights into using Attar Bazaar fragrances to control emotions, uplift moods and balance environments. This special package includes an info-packed 40-page booklet on how to use fragrances based on ancient eastern aromatherapy principles, as well as ten beautiful scents, empty mixing bottles and a quick-reference chart that tells you how, when and where to use Attar fragrances!

This is truly the perfect starter set, makes a great gift and best of all, is an incredible value.

Package Contains
  • Power of Scent Booklet
  • Power of Scent Quick Reference Chart
  • 1 Dram African Violet
  • 1 Dram Arabian Sandalwood
  • 1 Dram Arabian Wild Rose
  • 1 Dram Egyptian Musk
  • 1 Dram Lily of the Valley
  • 1 Dram Tunisian Amber
  • 1 Dram Tunisian Frankincense
  • 1 Dram Tunisian Jasmine
  • 1 Dram Tunisian Myrrh
  • 1 Dram Tunisian Patchouli
  • 1 Dram Empty Mixing Bottles (2)

  • Now you can Discover how to uplift your moods, control emotions, and gain confidence – almost Instantly, using the Power of Scent!
  • Would you like more respect at work?
  • Are you having bad dating experiences?
  • Are you and your children unhappy at home?
  • Are you feeling insecure about yourself?
  • Let’s face it--the simple act of living life today is getting harder than ever. What with all the stress we are dealing with on a day-to-day basis; economic bad news, high-pressure jobs, no jobs, pollution, traffic, not enough time, little relaxation…
  • Wouldn’t you love to learn a few secrets to easily and affordably uplift your mood, control your emotions and the emotions of those around you, at home and at work, and achieve a level of peace and self-confidence that you never thought possible?
  • The concept is very simple, actually. Everyone knows the effect that various scents and odors have upon us. Let’s take a few examples.
  • The scent of onions and oil cooking on the stove triggers a mouth-watering appetite. And just think of how you feel when you walk past a bakery with the aroma of delicious fresh bread being baked, oh, it makes you so hungry!
  • And what about those moments when you suddenly remember a sweet day in summer during your childhood? Did you just walk past a garden of spring blossoms? Your heart might pound for a second with this powerful memory. How does this happen?
  • Scent has the power to alter our state of mind. It’s been known for ages that something you smell can bring back a memory instantly -- a quick whiff of some odor could just make you feel happy or sad, can change your mood so quickly.
  • Ladies, did you ever get dressed for a date, wanting to do everything just right, hoping to have the perfect evening? You spray on cologne and you’re ready. But instead of a romantic and happy event, it seemed to get off terribly wrong from the first moment. What happened? Could it have been the scent you were wearing? Was it all wrong, even though the ad in the magazine seemed to have promised a blissful fairy tale?
  • Very, very few women or men know how to use their fragrance to create certain effects on themselves and those around them.
  • There are certain Powerful Emotional Effects of Fragrance.
  • Consider this. A professor at Minnesota State University recently wrote us that she had to defend her PhD. thesis. This is normally a time of tremendous stress, when you can lose all you’ve worked so hard for. But not this student. She was sure to wear a fragrance oil we had told her about, just a single drop on a special spot on her body. As hard as it may be to believe, this instantly gave her the confidence and inner strength she needed to make her presentation. The outcome of her test was successful!
  • Another case produced even more dramatic results …
  • A nurse had worked in a high powered surgical practice for four years. She related to us that for this entire time she was ignored. The doctors “allowed” her to fetch coffee, and generally was treated as the office clerk, never with the respect she desired and deserved. Until she came in one morning wearing the special Power of Scent fragrance we advised her about. Well, the attitudes toward her changed dramatically. Suddenly –- for the first time in four years -- the doctors directly addressed her, asked her opinions about the patients, and as she said, treated her with respect.
  • A young mother with a cranky baby accepted her fate of dealing with his unhappy and whining nature on a daily basis—until she discovered the secret of one special scent. Just before her baby would wake up in the morning, she rushed to dab a bit of her power scent on her neck and wrists. Then, believe it or not, when the baby woke up, she picked him up and held him near her fragranced neck -- he was actually in a good mood!! This lady was in a bit of shock, but sure enough as she continued the practice each morning, she found that it worked time and time again.
  • About The Power of Scent Special Booklet:
  • Forty pages filled with insights, tips and instructions for using each one of the power scents. This booklet is absolutely unique, not for sale in stores or anywhere else. It was written especially for this offer.
  • Here are just a few little-known secrets we'll share with you:
  • The special flower that controls overactive kids—it has been used by psychologists, educators, and counselors, to bring calmness and control to chaotic situations.
  • A potent floral resin used for 3,000 years to sharpen the memory -- perfect for students, or use before an important business presentation -- anytime you want your memory to be at peak performance.
  • The Queen of Scents—for weddings, when trying to conceive, or to attract a male or female as a marriage mate.
  • Well-known and most famous for its ability to uplift the mood and lessen depression, this scent is excellent for wearing around children (and also the elderly).
  • Everyone needs this fragrance, because it promotes healing of wounds of the heart.
  • And here are a few more facts given to you in this booklet:
  • Put one drop of one scent on this one spot barely the size of a pin head, and watch emotions change almost instantly!
  • For men, this scent is best.
  • For those who desire sensitive, pure Love. This scent encourages active support from the male partner.
  • This scent promotes a high sense of self-worth, and assists sleep and relaxation.
  • This dainty scent evokes especially pleasant memories of childhood. Particularly captivating around men who seek "mother-image" in a woman.
  • Any one of these ideas could literally change your life! Also in this booklet you will learn:
  • How to Use Fragrances as Incense, in Baths, on the Body
  • Correct Points of Application in Body Massage. And MUCH more.
  • Hundreds of applications can be done from just these ten fragrances!
  • Not only will they create positive change in your life but they smell absolutely beautiful, each and every one of them.These attar oils have been sold to top health spas, doctors, every type of health practitioner and hundreds of thousands of wonderful people just like you for the past 25 years. I know they work! And I know people love them!
  • But don't take my word for it, here's what customers from all over the world have said about these unique and powerful scents:
  • Dear Iman, This letter has been in my thoughts many times. I have been using your attar scents for almost two years. Last October I received the course that you offer. I have never used such wonderful scents even though before your attar fragrances I had used many pure products. I never have smelled anything so unique and uplifting. Since using the attar oils I have noticed many changes, and these changes have been both gentle and beautiful. --Anne W. Loveland, CO”
  • Dear Attar Bazaar, I recently had the delightful experience of smelling your attar oils. They are almost intoxicating in their sensual beauty...they seem to turn one’s mind inward to a more subtle, inner beauty. Thank you for your uplifting products. —Linda F. San Francisco, CA
  • Hello Iman, I've used your fragrance oils for more than 10 years. I want to thank you for your promptness (in shipping my order) but most of all for your attars. When I first found them ten years ago, I was convinced that your oils were the highest quality and the best product of its kind… period. I remain so convinced. I've looked at many different products over these years, but have never found anything even close to possessing the real spiritual essences that your attars contain. Again, I thank you. Peace and Blessings, Tim C -- Austin, TX
  • So you are not only getting the secret beneficial uses of the fragrances but you will smell absolutely beautiful all the time while wearing them!
  • The Power of Scent Package Includes a full one-dram bottle of each of these first quality attar oils:
  • Arabian Wild Rose, Tunisian Frankincense, Tunisian Amber, Arabian Sandalwood, Tunisian Jasmine, Tunisian Myrrh, Egyptian Musk, Lily of the Valley, African Violet and Tunisian Patchouli. Plus you'll receive two empty bottles – so you can mix your own power blends -- for work, home and romance.
  • The Power of Scent Quick Reference Chart
  • You’ll love this handy two-sided Power of Scent Chart! Dr. G. M. Chishti, N.D. developed this exclusive chart which gives the physical, emotional and spiritual imbalances, and provides specific attar oils to use for each. Allows you to apply the principles immediately. Think about how you can benefit from this knowledge and the truly world class scents.
  • Please consider what a truly tremendous value this is . . . the actual price would be $115.00 for 10 Power Scents, custom mixing bottles, Power of Scent Special Booklet, Quick Reference Chart --- for just $49.95!
  • Plus you get my 100% Unconditional No-Risk Guarantee.
  • My guarantee is simple, and has been the same for thirty years:
  • If your purchase ever fails to live up to your expectations - doesn’t matter what you expected, or why, even if you have no reason- simply return it to us and you’ll receive a full refund (less shipping costs), or credit for another product, no questions asked. Period.”
  • You risk absolutely nothing. Because if you don't think the Power of Scent Package is worth your investment - then simply send it back.
  • By the way, this Power of scent Package would make an absolutely fantastic and truly thoughtful gift for someone who is special to you.
  • You shouldn’t overlook this risk-free opportunity to gain the confidence, harmony and respect you deserve. And also, just think of how many of your friends and family members you can delight with these tremendously attractive scents.
  • Please don't put this off! While all of this is fresh in your mind, make yourself happy and click to order!

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