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Attar Bazaar African Violet

Sale price$11.95

Now available in a 5ml Roll On Bottle!

African Violet Perfume Oil by Attar Bazaar is an elegant true-to-violet scent. It is soft, sheer, and fresh. It imparts the feeling of curling up with a book of poetry under a shade tree on a summer day. If you love florals, African Violet will make a great addition to your collection.

If you are nostalgic and a lover of all things vintage, you will love African Violet fragrance oil! Violet was the reigning fragrance of the 1890s. It was used to scent perfumes, toilet water, soaps, cold cream and sachets.

The fragrance seems poised between Heaven and earth, reminding one of an azure sky at sunset, or the impossible depth of the center of the ocean. Conveys a high sense of self-worth. Promotes sleep and relaxation. Mildly cooling and moisturizing, violet is excellent to wear in desert climates. Ruling planet: Libra.


Attar Bazaar African Violet
Attar Bazaar African Violet Sale price$11.95