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Oils From India

Oils from India and the Middle East are regarded as the best fragrance and essential oils in the world and have only become popular in the West recently. Among our best sellers from India is our gorgeous rose scent, India Gulab, Indian Rose and our divine Indian Jasmine. Never forget also, the rarest of all essences, the elusive East Indian Mysore Sandalwood.Use this text to share information about what happened to your brand at a specific time.


Oils From Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest Island Nation in the world and has the second largest biodiversity in the world! We have found three exquisite limited and rare natural oils from Indonesia. Our heavenly Indonesian Rose, Indonesian Jasmine, and Sumatra Vetivert. These attar oils from Indonesia are deep,  smooth, and incredibly well-rounded. And, of course they offer a mood of the exotic east!


Into Oils from Tunisia

Tunisia is famous for their jasmine and it happens to be their national flower! We have found many great oils from Tunisia including Tunisian Jasmine. Among our best sellers from this region are our superb Tunisian Amber, Tunisian Frankincense, and Tunisian Patchouli.


In Oils From France

France is known for having some of the best Lavender Essential Oil in the world, and our French Lavender is just that: the finest lavender essential oil that can be had! Also, among our oils from France are our luxurious French Rose, French Gardenia, and French Vanilla.


Oils from Arabia

We have found some remarkable oils from the Arabian Peninsula Including our bestselling Arabian Wild Rose and Arabian Sandalwood.


Into Oils From Sudan

From Sudan we have found two exceptional oils. Our delectably smooth Sudanese Coconut and our intriguing Sudanese Black Rose.


Oils from Egypt

From ancient times, Egypt has been known to use attars, essential oils, and compounded ointments. In Egypt, the use of oils can be discovered in old texts. In olden times, oils were rubbed over the entire body to moisturize the skin as well as enhance the body scent. For example, Egyptian Musk, one of our all-time best sellers, was literally applied all over the entire body. The light musky scent does not overwhelm and mixes wonderfully with the body’s natural scent. Also from Egypt, we have found our remarkable Egyptian Sandalwood and Egyptian Shalimar.

Be Curious

about Oils from Australia & Beyond

Here at Attar Bazaar we know oils. We search all over the world to find exceptional oils which we then provide to you, our customers! Some of our oils may be rare such as our Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil. And some of our oils are selected because the region is known for having the best fruit or flowers, such as our Mexican Lime Essential Oil or our Brazilian Orange Essential Oil. There is so much to try in our ever-expanding line!

Daily Tips

Before going to sleep, vaporize a few drops of essential oil into your room. It will help you to relax your body and mind.