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Attar Bazaar Arabian Wild Rose

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Arabian Wild Rose Perfume Oil by Attar Bazaar is a bright and energizing rose scent. This rose floral scent imparts an exact experience of sniffing an actual fresh rose! It is delectably sweet with sharp elegant notes that brighten it like sunshine. As one of Attar Bazaar's best sellers, you can be sure you'll love Arabian Wild Rose.  

In Comparison to our other roses, this one is the brightest and strongest. Persian Rose is just as bright as Arabian Wild Rose but not as fruity. Tea Rose is soft on the brightness and is also sharper and very delicate. French Rose is also soft, mellow, and has powdery notes. Night Rose and Sudanese Black Rose are deeper and darker and quite fruity. Indian Gulab is also a rose scent that is bright and fruity but is magnificently well rounded (also a best seller). India Rose Absolute is 100% natural, strong, and smells just like the flower. Indonesian Rose Absolute is also 100% natural, sweeter than the India Rose Absolute, and completely divine. All have a lot to offer and all are different in their own ways.  

Among our most popular scents for many years and known as the Queen of the Garden of Paradise, Rose is the utmost symbol of love, harmony and beauty. Rose works simultaneous on the physical, emotional and spiritual realms--uplifting, cleansing and purifying all three. Ruling planet: Venus.

Attar Bazaar Arabian Wild Rose
Attar Bazaar Arabian Wild Rose Sale price$11.95