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French Rose

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French Rose by Attar Bazaar is a beautiful soft rose scent. It is fresh and has powdery notes. The one who wears this scent will be seen as beautiful and see others as beautiful. A soft, mellow rose.

 In Comparison to our other roses, this one is one of the softest and is the only one with powdery notes. Tea Rose is also soft but is brighter and is also sharper yet very delicate. Persian Rose and Arabian Wild Rose (best seller) are bright and fruity. Night Rose and Sudanese Black Rose are deeper and darker and also quite fruity. Indian Gulab is also a rose scent that is bright and fruity but is magnificently well rounded (best seller). India Rose Absolute is 100% all natural, really strong, and smells just like the flower. Indonesian Rose Absolute is also 100% natural, sweeter than the India Rose Absolute, and completely divine. All have a lot to offer and all are different in their own ways. 

French Rose
French Rose Sale price$9.95