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Italian Amber

Sale price$10.95

Breathe in the warmth and romance of the Italian Tuscan hillside with our newest amber blend. The woody notes of incense, cedarwood & oud, the warmth of vanilla, and the dry notes of rich leather, mix to create a sensational gorgeous fragrance that’ll warm you during the colder months! This wonderful amber scent opens with a somewhat sweet cedarwood note and then lingers down into a deep warm ambery balsam. It creates a confidently grounding experience and certainly adds a hint of seductiveness and romance.

Overall, this is a warm and beautiful scent. Owning an amber fragrance is highly recommended, for the simple reason that they smell great - with their warm, sweet, and intoxicating notes. We make sure that no amber fragrance is the same so be sure to try out our other ambers as well – Persian Amber, Tunisian Amber, Amber Musk, and Amber Essential Oil.

Italian Amber
Italian Amber Sale price$10.95