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Attar Bazaar Arabian Sandalwood

Sale price$11.95

Arabian Sandalwood by Attar Bazaar is a dreamy well-rounded warm sandalwood. It is slightly sweet with creamy almond vanilla notes that round out to a dry woody sandalwood. As one of Attar Bazaar's best sellers, you can be confident you'll love Arabian Sandalwood.

By comparison both our Egyptian Sandalwood and Tunisian Sandalwood are cool, bright, citrus-y sandalwoods. Moroccan Sandalwood has spicy notes of cinnamon as well as very faint powdery notes. Australian Sandalwood (also a best seller) is all natural, smooth, creamy, and herbal. Mysore Sandalwood is all natural, extremely rare, incredibly smoky and very woody. All are special in their own ways. Sandalwood lovers will love exploring our range of sandalwoods. 

The perfumers of the East vow this will make women love their husbands (we'll never tell your 'secret' if you don't!).

Attar Bazaar Arabian Sandalwood
Attar Bazaar Arabian Sandalwood Sale price$11.95