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Attar Bazaar Date Night - 7 Pack

Sale price$49.99

When planning the date, we often pick out the perfect outfit, accessories, and makeup. But many people forget about their scent. Avoid wearing eau-de-toilettes and colognes because on date night, you want the longevity and depth of perfume oils.

Your date night perfume should be the most evocative perfume that makes you feel confident and extra special. It might be a heady mix of many scents or just or a simple basic musk. Or a combination of this. That’s why we suggest the fragrances mentioned here. All of these scents have tremendous depth providing a sultry quality that is perfect for date night.

Singularly or combined, these scents enhance your beauty, confidence, and easiness. You want to have a good time. You want to emanate a fun, yet strong attitude. Wear and enjoy!