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Garden Party - 7 Pack

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As the days improve in temperament, so too should your fragrance! Our Garden Party package celebrates warmer temperatures with a wide array of fabulous florals so you can fully embrace spring and summertime feelings.

Arabian Wild Rose by Attar Bazaar is a bright and energizing rose scent. This rose floral scent imparts an exact experience of sniffing an actual fresh rose! It is delectably sweet with sharp elegant notes that brighten it like sunshine. As one of Attar Bazaar's best sellers, you can be sure you'll love Arabian Wild Rose. 

Tunisian Jasmine is a delightfully calming rich, sweet, and aromatic scent. It is intimately intoxicating, encouraging love. Smells like you're in a garden full of Jasmine.

Persian Lilac is true to scent, smelling just like standing near a lilac bush. Our Persian Lilac has those sweet notes that will bring back those memories of playing in the yard on a warm spring day. Long lasting, clean, fresh, and accurate, you'll feel like you're bathing in sunshine.

Lily of the Valley is the perfect feminine scent for both spring and summer. It is gloriously clean, fresh, and deeply flowery yet manages to stay light and bright. We once compared it to the lovely lily of the valley flowers growing in our front yard and it smelled exactly the same! 

African Violet is an elegant true to violet scent. It is soft, sheer, and fresh. It imparts the feeling of curling up with a good book under a shade tree on a warm day. If you love florals, African Violet will make a great addition to your collection.

Sweet Musk is beautiful clean musk scent. It has some light floral notes and is the sweetest of our musks. Our Sweet Musk is enchanting on its own and layers remarkably well with other scents. This special floral musk blend is great for creating an excellent attitude.

Tunisian Honeysuckle is true to scent and brings back those childhood memories of playing in the park in June. It has that summer nectar bloom scent with fruity notes and hints of honey yet is also moist like a dewy spring morning. This is a deep scent which expands one’s sense of light-heartedness and joy. Tunisian Honeysuckle blends romantically with other bright florals and citrus such as jasmine and orange blossom.

Garden Party - 7 Pack
Garden Party - 7 Pack Sale price$49.99