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Wedding - For The Bride - 5 Pack

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On this very special, beautiful occasion, you don’t want to just splash on that usual daily cologne! What you want is a deep sensual fragrance that stays close to your body—a personal scent that is not announced to the entire congregation!

My suggestion is to start the day in a soft Jasmine scent to uplift your mood and feel light and airy as you begin your preparations. Dabbing on a bit of Sweet Musk will enhance the feminine nature.

I would choose French Rose for the moment you are walking down the aisle. The softness of this rose can give you that sense of peace and love at the center of your being!

And then, the glorious pink Persian Rose—the divine feminine—for the celebratory dinner.

And for the wedding night, we always recommend Tunisian White Musk.

Be careful to only use a small dab of each!  (or dab each fragrance at a different spot on your body) The combination of these scents over the course of your day will certainly add vibrancy and fun to your wedding!

Important note: These fragrances don’t have to be limited to the wedding day!

Wedding - For The Bride - 5 Pack
Wedding - For The Bride - 5 Pack Sale price$39.99