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Wedding - For The Groom - 5 Pack

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Yes men, we know you want to be special and breathtaking also! And you should be..

I suggest these strong manly scents to wear singly, combination of two or more, or in fact a little dab of each in different spots as they all layer amazingly!

You will help her know she made the right decision in choosing You!

Egyptian Musk is exceptionally strong by comparison to other Egyptian Musk oils out there. It is fresh and earthy with some sweet and woody notes. It is a subtle scent and mixes well with one's own natural body oil. It is an absolutely fabulous experience to layer other oils together with this musk so it makes a great first oil for layering.

Tunisian Sandalwood is a magnificently bright sandalwood and a great choice to start you special day with. It is clean, soft, sweet, citrus-y, and creamy. These all create a depth to the scent that intrigues the mind. 

Italian Amber opens with a somewhat sweet cedarwood note and then lingers down into a deep warm ambery balsam. It creates a confidently grounding experience and certainly adds a hint of seductiveness and romance.

Tunisian Frankincense is an extremely rich, warm, exotic, and well rounded (not sharp) scent. It is superbly woody, earthy, and spicy with a subtle fruity note. 

Sherif is a robust spicy scent. It is largely a spicy oriental with woody, dusky, and smoky notes. Sherif creates a mood of strength and protection that is great for creating warmth and fabulous for the evening.

Important note: These fragrances don’t have to be limited to the wedding day!

Wedding - For The Groom - 5 Pack
Wedding - For The Groom - 5 Pack Sale price$39.99