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Italian Sandalwood

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Another beautiful find from the hills of Tuscany! This lush, creamy, and seductive sandalwood will take you from the ordinary to the peaceful tranquility of a sunlit fertile green countryside. This sophisticated fragrance can be both exotic and comforting with its earthy, woody aroma. You’ll notice warm and almost spiced sweet notes as well as notes of musk. This subtle scent can be enjoyed every day almost as a “second skin” where you will not shout out your mood but draw others close in to bask in the peace and protective mood sandalwood offers. The soft and calming scent of this sandalwood will give you an overarching aura of security and protection.

Sandalwood can be blended with almost any type of oil, including all florals, citrus oils and resinous oils such as frankincense or myrrh.

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Italian Sandalwood
Italian Sandalwood Sale price$9.95