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Attar Bazaar Summer Collection

Attar Bazaar Summer Collection is full of breezy bloom scents, desert dry scents, delectable tropical scents, as well as cool aquatic scents so you can fully embrace that summertime fun! Whether you are trying to capture the feeling of a peaceful stroll through a garden or sitting pool side with a fruit filled drink, Attar Bazaar has a scent for every mood.

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Egyptian Musk Fragrance OilEgyptian Musk Fragrance Oil
Egyptian Musk Fragrance Oil Sale priceFrom $9.95
Tunisian PatchouliTunisian Patchouli
Tunisian Patchouli Sale priceFrom $9.95
Sudanese Black RoseSudanese Black Rose
Sudanese Black Rose Sale priceFrom $9.95
Indian Patchouli - Essential OilIndian Patchouli - Essential Oil
Attar Bazaar Arabian SandalwoodAttar Bazaar Arabian Sandalwood
Attar Bazaar Arabian Sandalwood Sale priceFrom $9.95
Tunisian White MuskTunisian White Musk
Tunisian White Musk Sale priceFrom $9.95
Attar Bazaar Arabian Wild RoseAttar Bazaar Arabian Wild Rose
Attar Bazaar Arabian Wild Rose Sale priceFrom $9.95
Moroccan SandalwoodMoroccan Sandalwood
Moroccan Sandalwood Sale priceFrom $9.95
Tunisian JasmineTunisian Jasmine
Tunisian Jasmine Sale priceFrom $8.95
Jannat Al-FerdousJannat Al-Ferdous
Jannat Al-Ferdous Sale priceFrom $9.95
Tunisian SandalwoodTunisian Sandalwood
Tunisian Sandalwood Sale priceFrom $9.95
Attar Bazaar African VioletAttar Bazaar African Violet
Attar Bazaar African Violet Sale priceFrom $9.95
Attar Bazaar Egyptian SandalwoodAttar Bazaar Egyptian Sandalwood
Lily of the ValleyLily of the Valley
Lily of the Valley Sale priceFrom $9.95
Nour Sale priceFrom $8.95
Mysore Sandalwood - Essential OilMysore Sandalwood - Essential Oil
French GardeniaFrench Gardenia
French Gardenia Sale priceFrom $8.95
Sudanese CoconutSudanese Coconut
Sudanese Coconut Sale priceFrom $9.95
French Lavender - Essential OilFrench Lavender - Essential Oil
French Lavender - Essential Oil Sale priceFrom $8.95
Persian RosePersian Rose
Persian Rose Sale priceFrom $9.95
India GulabIndia Gulab
India Gulab Sale priceFrom $19.95
Attar Bazaar Blue NileAttar Bazaar Blue Nile
Attar Bazaar Blue Nile Sale priceFrom $8.95
Attar Bazaar Australian Sandalwood - Essential OilAttar Bazaar Australian Sandalwood - Essential Oil
Persian LilacPersian Lilac
Persian Lilac Sale priceFrom $8.95
Sumatra Vetivert - Essential OilSumatra Vetivert - Essential Oil
Sumatra Vetivert - Essential Oil Sale priceFrom $10.95
Tunisian HoneysuckleTunisian Honeysuckle
Tunisian Honeysuckle Sale priceFrom $8.95
Neroli - Essential OilNeroli - Essential Oil
Neroli - Essential Oil Sale priceFrom $8.95
Attar Bazaar Bakul - Absolute OilAttar Bazaar Bakul - Absolute Oil
Attar Bazaar Bakul - Absolute Oil Sale priceFrom $19.95
Night RoseNight Rose
Night Rose Sale priceFrom $8.95
Moroccan MyrrhMoroccan Myrrh
Moroccan Myrrh Sale priceFrom $9.95
Sold outAttar Bazaar Indian Jasmine - Essential OilAttar Bazaar Indian Jasmine - Essential Oil
Italian Bergamot - Essential OilItalian Bergamot - Essential Oil
Oak Moss - Absolute OilOak Moss - Absolute Oil
Oak Moss - Absolute Oil Sale priceFrom $16.95
Attar Bazaar Frangipani (Plumeria) - Absolute OilAttar Bazaar Frangipani (Plumeria) - Absolute Oil
Lotus BlossomLotus Blossom
Lotus Blossom Sale priceFrom $8.95
India Rose - Absolute OilIndia Rose - Absolute Oil
India Rose - Absolute Oil Sale priceFrom $0.00
Magnolia BlossomMagnolia Blossom
Magnolia Blossom Sale priceFrom $9.95
Sold outAttar Bazaar Brazilian Orange - Essential OilAttar Bazaar Brazilian Orange - Essential Oil
Attar Bazaar Champaca - Absolute OilAttar Bazaar Champaca - Absolute Oil
Hyacinth - Absolute OilHyacinth - Absolute Oil
Hyacinth - Absolute Oil Sale priceFrom $19.95
Attar Bazaar Carnation - Absolute OilAttar Bazaar Carnation - Absolute Oil
Indonesian Rose - Absolute OilIndonesian Rose - Absolute Oil
Indonesian Rose - Absolute Oil Sale priceFrom $39.95
Lemon - Essential OilLemon - Essential Oil
Lemon - Essential Oil Sale priceFrom $8.00
Indonesian Jasmine Sambac - Absolute OilIndonesian Jasmine Sambac - Absolute Oil
Grapefruit - Essential OilGrapefruit - Essential Oil
Grapefruit - Essential Oil Sale priceFrom $8.00
Tea Tree - Essential OilTea Tree - Essential Oil
Tea Tree - Essential Oil Sale price$0.00
Mexican Lime - Essential OilMexican Lime - Essential Oil
Mexican Lime - Essential Oil Sale priceFrom $8.00
Sold outGinger - Essential OilGinger - Essential Oil
Ginger - Essential Oil Sale priceFrom $8.00